Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Get the Most Common Questions Out of the Way...

How long does it take for me to find out if I'm approved?
Decisions are made within 24-48 hours.

What do I need to "back" my loan? Nothing.  
These loans are unsecured & non-collateralized.

Do you assist with the sale of businesses?
We can assist with this process as well with creative financing options and partner alliances.
Just Get In Touch With Us!

Are there any industries that you do not fund?
Not really!

Is it hard to qualify?

  • BKs OK
  • 500 FICO
  • Bank turndowns
  • Tax Liens OK
  • Minimum 6 months in business

How much funding can we get?
We provides funding from $5,000 to $1,000,000.  Actual funding is based on your monthly business revenue (all payment types) and other metrics which we'll discuss when you contact us. 

What is the turn-around-time to receive the loan once I'm approved?
Generally, 5-7 days or less.  Yes, that fast!

How do I repay the loan?
Our loans are repaid via an ACH withdrawal from the business bank account or by an agreed upon percentage of the busines daily credit card transactions, 5 days a week.  

How do I apply? 

Simple.  Drop Us A Line in the Contact Us section or Call us.  If leaving a message, provide your name, email and the best number and time to reach you.   

We'll reach out to you within 24 hours to talk with you to understand your unique business needs. 

We'll then email you an application.  You'll Complete our one page application and return it, along with required* months of business credit card statements and bank statements OR simply the required* months of business bank statements if you do not accept credit cards.  We'll have an approval decision within 48 hours.  Money can be in your business account within 5-7 days!

Do Not Delay!   Contact Us TODAY!!  

*Required number of statements depends on the funding amount. Minimum requirement is 3 months.

Download Application

Click on the file below to download the application.  Email application & required documentation to: