Funding...What You Should Know

Actual Deals...Imagine Yours Here!

  • Limousine Company - 3 days - $212K
  • Bookstore - 4 days - $250K
  • Online Florist - 3 days - $73K
  • Outdoor Store - 593 FICO - $205k
  • Landscapers - 3 days - $135K
  • Restaurant - 2 days (start to finish) - $139K
  • Music Store - 3 days - $235K

Our Process

It's very simple...Submit the following:

  • 3 months of "complete" credit card & banks statements (if credit taken)
  • 6 months of business bank statements (if no credit cards taken)
  • Complete a "simple" one-page application
  • If the information submitted is complete and in order, you'll get a decision within 24-48 hours and cash in your hand within 5-7 days! 

The Business Funding Landscape

In these tough economic times, businesses are experiencing difficulty securing funding via traditional FDIC insured banks.

Local Business Lending & Solutions, LLC and our partners  have strategic alliances with FDIC insured banks and established alternative lenders - thus access to the funding you need.

We are one of the largest conduits for small business loans that have, unfortunately, been turned down by the big banks.

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Download Application

Click on the file  below to download the application.  Email application & required documentation to: